The farm is off Kirkstall Road – LS4 2DD, accessed from the side of Ready Steady Store. It belongs to Leeds City Council and was privately farmed for many years until the leaseholder died in 2017.

We have formed a Steering Group for Kirkstall Valley Farm. We have produced a detailed business plan for a community supported agriculture scheme, employing a worker and selling veg boxes to local residents and shops to cover costs. Around this business, probably as a second stage, we would like to develop social and educational projects. Suggestions welcome. We also hope to reinvigorate the allotment association. Contact [email protected], if you are interested in a plot.

Our expression of interest and business plan was submitted to the Council in April ’19.

We are looking for members, box buyers, and volunteers. Please register your interest by emailing [email protected]

Askham Bryan students visit the Farm – Dec 18

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